Lifetime Pro

Permanent access to ALL pieces and ALL bundles, including ALL new releases in the future! Bonus access to special screen-sharing pdf versions.

What’s in a Lifetime Pro Package?

  • A single, one-off payment for a lifetime of repertoire
  • Permanent access to ALL repertoire packs
  • Permanent access to ALL themed bundles
  • ADDITIONAL new releases every month – all included
  • Bonus screen-sharing pdf versions
  • Webinars and pro tip emails
  • A huge variety of repertoire for your students
  • No more to pay – unlimited savings!

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Full Access Package FAQ

Do I have access to all repertoire packs?

Yes! All packs, everything, now and forever!

Are the new releases emailed in a certain order for level of difficulty?

No, it’s randomly ordered. All teachers have a range of students, so the level of difficulty changes from time to time. Whilst every piece in the Rote Repertoire series is manageable for pianists in their first two years of learning, intermediate students will pick them up far more quickly and advanced pianists can use them as a super-quick sight reading exercise in the lesson!

Can I send the pieces to my students?

Yes! Each piece is studio licensed so that you can send the pdf sheet music and the audio files to your students. The only thing you can’t send is the video content – this is not downloadable.

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Purchase this package today! Please note all prices are in US dollars

Your Host

Samantha Coates
Samantha Coates

Samantha Coates is an internationally renowned author, presenter and pedagogue. She is an Australian pianist and teacher with over three decades of experience in both private and group piano tuition. She is also the creator of BlitzBooks, a music education series that has brought fun and laughter to the areas of music theory, instrumental technique and sight reading. Now with the new release of her Rote Repertoire Series, she hopes to revolutionise the approach to rote learning and reinvent the pathways to efficient sight reading.